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Roof Inspection

Our state-of-the-art drones are equipped with high-quality cameras that allow us to capture photos and videos of building roofs, including residential properties, stately homes, churches, and solar panels. We will provide you with all of the high-resolution images in either JPEG or RAW format. These detailed pictures offer a clear view of the roof's condition, all from the safety of the ground.

Typically, roof inspections take less than 45 minutes, and we guarantee delivery of all images within 24 hours.


Conducting roof surveys at high elevations can be a hazardous and time-intensive task. The use of drones has been shown to provide a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective solution. It eliminates the requirement for specialized equipment such as cherry pickers, scaffolding, and ladders. Additionally, drones allow us to access damaged or inaccessible areas with ease.


Upon completion of an online survey and risk assessment, we will launch our drone from within the property and capture numerous photographs and videos, including close-ups, while inspecting the following areas:

  • Gutters

  • Chimneys

  • Skylights

  • Woodwork

  • Tiles

  • Solar paneling.

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