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Using our High Quality equipped Drones we will take photos and videos as required of building roofs including Residential Property, Stately Homes, Churches and Solar Panels. We will then provide you with all the high Res Images in JPEG or RAW formats. High Res detailed pictures clearly showing the condition of the roof from the safety of the ground.

Most roof Inspection take under 45min and we will supply all the images within 24hours.

roof1 10march.jpg
roof 10march.jpg

Roof surveying at height can be dangerous and time-consuming work. Using Drones is proven to be safer, faster and cheaper. It removes the need for specialist equipment like Cherry Pickers, Scaffolding and ladders. We will be able to reach even damaged or inaccessible areas.


After a online survey and risk assessment we will take off from within the property and compile as many photograph and video(including any close ups), inspecting

  • Gutters

  • Chimneys

  • Skylights

  • Woodwork

  • Tiles

  • Solar Paneling



As well as Residential we also offer Commercial Roof Inspection for Management Companies.  Discounted rates are available for Multiple inspection throughout the year.



Roof Surveys start from £120 but will vary depending on the job and location,

please get in touch for a detailed quote

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